The Person of Focus

A personal support network is a group of people who meet regularly to become the foundation of your future plan. they carry out functions that are difficult for a vulnerable person to carry out on her own. For some at the center of this circle of support, this will mean getting practical assistance with housing, employment and recreation. for others, it will mean developing closer ties to neighbors and community. The companionship, emotional support and feedback of network members create a bridge from isolation to membership in the community.

Personal networks insure a safe and secure future throughout the life of your loved one with a disability and contribute to their quality of life by:

  • Advocating on behalf of your relative
  • Providing links to others in the community
  • Securing and monitoring supports and services
  • Spending time with the person
  • Planning, dreaming, socializing and having fun
  • Providing security and a sense of relief for all family members
  • Acting as a resource for executors and trustees
  • Providing potential executors and trustees
  • Keeping key players well-informed
  • Acting as representatives and supporting decision-making
  • Providing a forum for network members to support one

Personal networks meet as a group about four times a year in a home or other community setting. They are led by a PLAN RI representative we call a facilitator. This person also keeps a summary of ideas generated and helps people make commitments to action to implement the Personal Futures Plan.