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Why join now?

One of the most haunting questions for the family members of a person with a disability is, “Who will care about my loved one when I no longer can?” Personal Lifetime Advocacy Networks of Rhode Island (PLAN RI) is a family-driven organization with a proven method for answering that question over the lifetime of the focus person.

This non-profit organization monitors and oversees the functioning of your loved one’s personal support network. The paid facilitator will consistently bring to life the vision you have established for the future of your relative with a disability. Establishing your loved one’s personal support network now: Gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge of the best interests of your relative with the people you are counting on to support your loved one in the future.

  • Allows you to see your relative flourish socially and emotionally.
  • Helps you prepare your relative for the changes that will occur when you can no longer help
  • Enables you to shape and define the nature of the support network and to see it fully functioning while you are alive.
  • Enables PLAN RI to have the detailed background and familiarity it needs to become an effective advocate and monitor.
  • Gives you security, relief and peace of mind.

Your choices

Become a Member: If you are convinced that you want to join PLAN RI, you may download the 83 kb PDF membership application here and follow the instructions.

Become an Associate Member: If you are not sure you are ready to join PLAN RI now, you may join at the level of an associate member. It will allow you to attend events and monitor the doings of the organization so that you will be sure of its credibility and long-term commitment.

If you would like to attend an informational session or have specific questions, email or call the PLAN RI coordinator at 401-785-9541.